New free service for Telfed members (& friends)!

Group-purchase: Save money & minimize hassle when buying your new home in Israel.

We can also help you find the right community - by buying with like-minded others to form a "community-in-a-building".

The first step is to take the matching-survey below, on this page. You can do that right now, or read this explanatory information first:

* We'll match you to other Olim having similar housing needs, whom you'll meet in a forum on our site. (The matching is based on your responses to the survey.)

* Mentors from Telfed and other major olim organizations have been invited to participate in these forums in order to assist your discussion-group investigate relevant possibilities, make good decisions, and arrive at consensus.

* If the discussion-group gets serious, we'll put it in touch with real estate agents & attorneys, architects & contractors who have committed to providing a group-rate (the discussions are with no committment, and here too mentors can help the group make wise choices ).

* We do not sell anything and we NEVER ask you for any payment - our fee is paid not by you but by the commercial providers your group chooses. And we're here for YOU: no commitment or pressure to buy anything.

* We do NOT ask you for personal information or phone #; we do NOT take your credit card information. We're just an internet-based 'platform', catalyzing the formation of a focused discussion group for you, and then at the request of your group matching it to the relevant commercial providers.

You're very welcome to write to us, we are pleased to answer any questions you have:

Creating community

If you wish, we can match you to others like yourself to form "a community-in-a-building", having as neighbors people who are similar to you, not just with similar housing-needs. (As you'll see, the "optional section" of the survey is meant to help you specify the appropriate similarity.) And of course you also get a group-discount.

For organizations & community leaders, local resident-committees, governmental & municipal authorities, entrepreneurs & housing professionals: Click here if you wish to use the site as a platform to create your own groups.

For realtors, contractors, architects and other housing professionals: click here if you wish to serve the groups formed by the site.

You can skip to the survey below, or read this explanatory information first:

About the 5-minute matching-Survey

Here's the survey:

After answering a question, scroll down on the form (not on the web-page) to see the next question

At any point in the survey below, if you do not want to bother with some question, just skip it; you can even skip a few questions, or even just go directly to the bottom of the form, enter your email and press submit, and we'll be in touch (we're looking forward to helping you!).

Buying a home in Israel? New free service for Olim!

Save money by joining in with a group purchase... Based on your answers to a matching survey, we can connect you to Olim with similar housing needs interested in the same location, to be able to discuss details in a group forum on the site. The major Olim organizations - including Telfed - have been invited to assist the discussion-groups to be able to make informed decisions. Through the website, your group/s will be able to connect to reliable architects, contractors, attorneys and mortgage-bankers who have committed to providing a group rate.

You can read more information and fill out the matching-survey by clicking on

STEP 1: Filling out the housing-survey at the bottom of this page.

To let us know where you want to live, what type of housing you seek, & approximately when you’ll want to move in.


Step 2: We match Olim with similar housing-needs.

Your responses on the housing survey will be our guide.

People with similar survey-responses (similar housing needs) have a lot to gain by coordinating their efforts.


Step 3: No-commitment discussion forum

Online chat: discuss possibilities & coordinate efforts with Olim having similar housing-needs (plus some mentor-guidance).


Step 4: Realtors/Contractors who have committed to giving a group-rate, bid for your discussion-group’s business.


Your discussion-group is NOT committed to buy anything; your group (not the site) makes the choice whether or not to buy, from whom & what to buy.