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More information for the curious:

* What is a group-discount on an apt/home? Who provides it? In which cases might it be available? Answer: Apartments (and homes) in old established neighborhoods are usually very expensive. However new buildings, neighborhoods, and even towns are springing up everywhere, and they are less expensive. Furthermore, in new buildings there are many apartments for sale at the same time and when several people join together to buy available apartments in the same building, contractors usually will offer a discount (and the same for clusters of new private homes).

* You can also choose to be joined with people similar to you, to create a "community-in-a-building". Besides the benefit of gaining community in your new home in Israel, having a community in your building can increase your flexibility in choice of location and therefore save you money.

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* When buying as a group, purchase at an early stage may enable money-saving custom-design; for example, a more space-efficient but smaller and therefore less expensive apt/home.

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*We do NOT sell anything. We are a group-creating & match-maker service - an intermediary between the groups created via this site and realtors/contractors who make them offers.

* All realtors/contractors are welcome as long as they commit to provide a group-rate.

* When a group chooses to buy (there is absolutely NO commitment to do so), the realtor/contractor they chose pays our fee, so our service is absolutely FREE to Olim.

* We create no-commitment discussion-forums on our site for those with similar responses on the housing-needs matching-survey. All the major olim organizations have been invited to provide mentoring to these discussion groups, to assist them in investigating relevant possibilities & making wise choices.

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There's lots more explanation on this site for those who are curious about the process, and want to save even more money.

Some aspects are presented as part of the comprehensive matching-survey (you can just read through it, or if you wish you can fill it out at your leisure); click below to see an outline:

Just read through it, or fill it out: at a later stage it will help us match you even better (there's no need for it at this stage as long as you submitted the short version).

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