Our vision, our mission

Hi. My name is Avi, I'm an oleh like you. An electro-optical engineer (BS) and theoretical physicist (PhD) by training, I ventured into the world of hi-tech and startups when I made aliyah, and this website-service is the result.

Although this is a 'for-profit' enterprise, a business, the vision is simple: to help in the general mission of Aliyah by lowering the cost of housing for Olim and - for those who are interested - catalyzing the creation of a congenial community-in-a-building, a "vertical village".

And yes, we are a company, but if you would like to support our mission, please contact us using the comment form at the bottom of the 'survey' page. Thanks!

"Vertical Village": Given the high cost of housing in Israel, the primary goal of our startup is to enable Olim to purchase their new home in Israel at a reduced rate. However there are additional aspects as well.

Years ago Israel was a Middle-Eastern country of kibbutz and moshav, agriculture-based, however today it is characterized by cities, apartment buildings and hi-tech, as well as an urban culture like any Western country. However the fact of it not anymore being a kibbutz-country means that it is often not so simple for Olim to gain entry to Israeli society, to adapt and integrate, and to find community. We thought it would be a great idea for new Olim to be able to choose - if they wish - the option of experiencing community-within-community, a building which is a type of village, but vertical. Living in your new home with others like you, ready to help each other in case of need, but with the goal of assisting each other to integrate into the greater Israeli fabric.

Also, there are various Aliyah-organizations which would love to help new olim but due to limited resources to are better equipped to assist groups of people with the same issues rather than individuals, and so enabling olim to form groups with similar needs makes them more able to receive the assistance of Olim organizations.