More detail, & info about the next steps.

If you wish you can read the below information later-on, when you are already part of a discussion-group.

We look forward to being in touch with you after we receive your survey-answers. As soon as there are others wanting the same as you do, in sufficient numbers to form a discussion group, we will notify you. In the meantime, please feel free to let us know about your experience filling the form, as well as any other feedback and suggestions. Thank you so much,The OlimCommunity team.

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If you didn't yet fill it out, here's the survey.

Some more detail

No hassle: instead of facing the challenges of buying a new home by yourself in an unfamiliar environment, do everything - including finding relevant information and choosing the right contractor and location, as well as making the actual purchase - with a group of olim like you, all facilitated by our platform, so much easier than doing it alone. And ... save a lot because of the group discount.

Additional savings and convenience: instead of managing the complex legalities yourself, or seeking an attorney on your own on, our platform will allow the group to solicit offers from lawyers who will handle everything, including closing fees for a group rate, which can save you quite a bit of hassle and money.

Mentor-input: the major olim organizations have been invited to provide a klita service-representative or volunteer mentor to provide advice to groups through the site's discussion forums, to help them make wise choices at important steps of the process.

No commitment: completing the survey and joining a discussion group does NOT imply a commitment to purchase. You can join the discussion group or choose not to, and you can leave the group completely; you can change groups and you can leave the site completely. The objective of the discussion is simply to reach agreed-upon guidelines on location, costs, demographics, etc. Only after that, will the discussion group consider the possibility of becoming a more serious ‘purchase-group’, and the group’s members can decide whether or not to join it.

No charge to Olim: We match you to the appropriate discussion-group as a FREE service. Our fees are paid by the housing professionals that your group chooses, so that the pays us nothing; at all the stages of the process the site's service is completely free. We will NEVER ask you to send us money or credit card information. Also: we will not push you to buy, nor will we try to direct you to specific sellers.

We are advocates for YOU, not for the sellers: You buy nothing from us, we simply provide a platform where you can find the appropriate discussion group and where your group can interact with the relevant professionals, all competing to provide your group what you need. Your group makes the choices (preferably with some mentoring advice). There is no pressure from the site: we do not push you to buy, or to prefer a seller on our site to another. The success of our business depends on Olim's satisfaction with our service and the best possible offer.

Security: The survey does not ask for personal information, not even your name, nor will not ask for a photo, address or phone number, and we will NEVER ask for your credit card information.

Optional additional functions

"Vertical village": create a community-in-a-building, or community of private homes by buying together with others like you. In this way, you not only get a group discount, you also gain a community of like-minded people, a "vertical village" or a building of mutually-supportive neighbors, facilitated through our site.

If the construction has not yet been completed, your "group" may decide to select an architect to create apartments or houses specially designed to meet the needs of the residents.

If you are interested in any of these additional features, see the "Optional" section after the survey: it contains several examples of community-types, as well as examples of special design (of the building itself, and for individual apartments in a building); your answers to the four additional questions in this optional section will help us identify other people like you.

Note that this site is NOT about 'social-networking'

Our matching-survey didn't even ask your name, nor did we ask you to provide a photo, certainly not your phone number. We did not ask about the amount of people in your family and their ages, and nothing about the tastes and interests of family members. Even when you wish to join a discussion-group on the site, you provide only the information which is necessary in order to match you to the right group, and we do not provide the group any information about you.

Of course when you will be ready to actually purchase a home you will need to be more specific about how many rooms and bathrooms etc you will want, but even then there is no need for specific personal information about family composition to be shared.

Obviously if you join with a group which is geared to a certain demographic, this specifies you, but only to the minimal degree necessary. For the purposes of this project you do not any stage need to become social-network 'friends' with your group's members or share private information with them - the goal is just to obtain a better price by banding together. Of course if your group also chooses to become a congenial community-in-a-building, there will be plenty of opportunity to get to know each other during the process, and later as neighbors.


Summary of the process: You fill out the survey below, we use the responses to match you to a discussion group, and if your discussion-group gets serious we match your group to the relevant professionals (real state companies, contractors, builders & architects) who will compete for your business via the site, so that you can all obtain a reduced group-rate on your new apartment/private home. You'll be doing everything together with other Olim like yourself, with the possibility of some mentoring-input from experienced veteran olim, all online via our site.

More detailed description of the next steps

(if you wish you can read this later-on, when you are already part of a discussion-group)

1. As more and more people fill out the survey, there will be some who want the same location and type of building as YOU do, and all of you will be the nucleus of a new discussion-group in a forum on the site (if there are not many seeking what you are, we'll recommend larger groups to consider). The discussion will be private , just for your group's members, in order to have focused discussions on preferences(remember, this is NOT about 'social-networking'), and in order for the group to make decisions . Subject to their availability an aliyah & klitah representative (government, municipal, organizational) may guide your group (via a forum on the site) to assist with important decisions, and there may also be a veteran Oleh/Israeli mentor participating, some of whom have lots of experience regarding housing in Israel.

2. After that process, we'll be inviting reputable and experienced attorneys and real-estate personnel or contractors to compete for your group's business, to get you the best choice at the best price. Many real-estate professionals are very knowledgeable about the details of all available and planned housing in Israel, know which builders use quality construction materials and which are reliable, and may be able to save your group lots of money by getting the contractor to agree to a specially-good deal, and they can save you from bad choices with unreliable builders.

3. After seeing various offers, and perhaps obtaining guidance from a klita-representatives at one of the Olim organizations [subject to their own conditions and constraints], your group can vote in the forum on the site in order to choose a company/agent to work with.

4. NEVER SEND ANY MONEY OR CREDIT-CARD INFORMATION TO THE SITE OR TO ANYONE CLAIMING TO REPRESENT THIS SITE. All payments are made to the professionals the group contracts with, no money ever goes from the Olim to the site.

5. The site takes no part in your decision as to which agents or contractors or project to choose, what to buy, where and for how much - our interest is that you get the best deal and are happy with your choice. After moving in to your new home, you will be able to rate the process and the result, including the professionals involved, so that later groups of Olim can benefit from your experience.

We also invite you to rate the site's service, so what we want are satisfied customers who saved the most possible, had the smoothest process, are satisfied with the end-result, and can recommend the service to others.


(if you wish you can read this later-on, when you are already part of a discussion-group)

Just a taste of the types of considerations informing your choice of group, and the types of matters your group can vote on besides the big decisions (actual choices of a specific location and building, and which real estate agent or contractor to choose):


Examples: how much maintenance should cost, rules in the building regarding noise level at later hours, whether to allow pets, parking rules etc. Major decision should be made before choosing to purchase together, minor ones can be decided on afterwards.


The group can also choose to consult with the architect in order to design the building for the needs of the type of residents in that Group. Examples:

a. larger-scale changes: built-in home-office-space, a common-room for all building-residents (for lectures, entertainment, synagogues etc), roof-top recreation area, granny-flats in the apartment, built-in baby-beds, above-ground or underground parking lot, balconies, green space; the amount, size and speed of elevators; to include a garbage chute for the building; separate heating/cooling systems or a central one for the building; roof-top solar panels; higher-quality noise insulation between apartments; special insulation in the outer-wall of the building against cold and heat to reduce utility costs; etc.

b. smaller-scale changes: built-in security measures in the building (cameras, locks on building front door, etc), an easy-to-use building intercom to speak to neighbors; building-wide-wifi, and wiring the entire building to enable a group-plan for individual internet & cable TV plans; the number and placement of radiators, electric outlets (power points), cable TV and internet points in the apartments; amount, size and placement of bathrooms and showers, etc.

Visit the site occasionally, to see the new features we'll be adding.

Thanks for your interest and participation.

If you didn't yet fill it out, and you're ready for it now, here's the survey.